How do I login?

For new users, enter your email and select a password or get started quickly by signing up with Facebook or Gmail.

(If you already have an account navigate to [I’m an existing user and enter your email and password)

How do I reset or update my password?

From the login screen, select Forgot my Password or navigate to Settings > Account > Change Password. If you are encountering any issues, please reach out to us at hello@memetherappy.com

How do I upload a meme?

From the home screen, select (+) Upload a meme > select the file from your device > crop as needed > upload

Note: user submissions are reviewed and approved by the Meme Therappy safety team before they can be shared on the app

How do I invite friends to join Meme Therappy?

From the home screen, select  (+) Add your friends > [ contact name > send]

The app isn't working. What steps can I take to troubleshoot? 

First, close the app and try clearing your cache. If that doesn’t work,  please reach out to us at hello@memetherappy.com

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